Master the Art of Sales

Master the Art of Sales 

How to successfully sell while making a positive impact AND growing your income

 Consistent Sales with Ease while Being Authentic... Are You In?

I know you're wondering where your next big clients or sales are coming from.

 We'll get you there, but first... it's time to ditch all of the old rules. It's time to get to the bottom of what is holding you back from confidently selling.

Your sale conversations don't have to feel icky or forced. Your process doesn't have to feel complicated either.

In fact, selling can be soulful, authentic and really allow you to make a positive impact in people's lives.

How would you like sales to feel good, create connection AND how would you like to do it in a way where "YESSSS!" was a no-brainer???

No pushiness. No struggle. No manipulation. Only real value that your customer craves.

You can do this. I can show you how.

I've done every level of sales from entrepreneurial to corporate for 20 years. I have a different approach and it has helped both me and my clients THRIVE IN SALES.

I call it "Consultative Sales" and the formula I teach works!

Put an end to your dry spell and start thriving in your business.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You know you have something special to offer the world. You know that if you could just get in front of "the right people," they would absolutely LOVE YOU and BENEFIT from your offers. 

You know what you're doing can benefit & help people, but your sales conversations aren't reflecting that.

So why does it feel so dang hard??? And when you finally get someone on the phone or engaging with you, do you just get a bunch of vague excuses? Or worse, they may say "yes," but quickly flip flop to a "no?"

Before you even start your marketing process... before you get on the phone... before you make a pitch... before you share an offer... before you launch...

Learn my tried-and-true method for creating a sales process that feels just as beautiful as it is effective.

Learn how to weave together what you already know and what you want to share with others in a powerful way. 

Download this workbook and do these exercises today!

This is based on the methods that I work on with my 1:1 coaching clients...

I've helped dozens of women evolve into amazing sales people who are making a huge difference in this world, while creating the financial freedom they deserve.

I deeply believe that the world is a better place when women are wealthy and empowered. I know that women have the innate ability to authentically connect with others, share their talents & understand their clients. That's what makes them ideal sales people. That's why my client's THRIVE in their sales conversations!

Start Allowing Yourself to Create Sales from a Place of Authenticity (in a way that flows)

In this guide and workbook, you will learn:

  •  The formula for becoming an Authentic Sales Star (hint: 80% of it is probably not where you are focusing your efforts)
  •  How to get to the bottom of the fear and doubts that are holding you back from confidently making offers
  •  The 3 CRUCIAL areas that you must address in order to master your sales conversations with ease
  •  What you can do this week to move your audience into the buyer's seat
  •  How to get into the mind of your prospective clients & customers... and know exactly what to discuss and connect with them on
  •  PLUS... the most important component of your sales conversation (THIS IMPORTANT PIECE IS OFTEN OVERLOOKED & when it's missing, it kills the sale)

But who the heck am I?

About Swati

I’m a Serial Entrepreneur and Success Coach to women in business. I am passionate about supporting women all over the globe to becoming truly financially empowered so that they can live life on their own terms. I believe that in order to reach your potential in wealth creation, it’s a little bit of financial strategy and a whole lot of personal evolution and self-discovery.

After years of “fancy designer education” (B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. from the University of Southern California) along with Sales, Finance and Operations experience working for some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies, I walked away from it all to become an Entrepreneur. I founded a green beauty skin care company from scratch and have built an investment real estate portfolio (with my husband) that includes several properties in just a few years. I have also built a lucrative practice as a Success Coach to women like you!  

This is what I truly love: helping other women create lives and businesses that give them purpose and financial freedom while being able to spend more time with their families. Currently, I live on a little beach with a view of the mountains with my two toddlers and my husband in Denver, Colorado.  


Doubled my Salary

"I just doubled my monthly salary in a week! Yesterday, I also sent out new invoices totaling more than my current salary at work! I have also just given my work notice!" 

Monique D., Designer & Founder


Increased my Rates (and Calls!)

"Since implementing everything we worked on in our session, I’ve made some serious changes in the way I do business. It was hard at first to let go of the old way, but I can’t believe how quickly things turned around! I keep following you on the daily and using what you teach... and I’ve raised my rates and already have 4 sales calls scheduled this week with interested clients!!!" 

Jessica, Branding Expert


Listen to her!

"I am amazed by how much I've grown in just a few sessions! Seriously. I get why she is doing this. If you have the chance to work with her, you have to do it! You won't believe how far you can go and who you will become -- it's incredible." 

Christina W., Parenting Coach


Uplifted & Inspired

"I was fortunate enough to work with Swati on strategy and growth plans yesterday. I feel so uplifted and inspired! Swati is first and foremost a wonderful human being, wife and mother – but also a brilliant entrepreneur and marketer. She is strategic and has developed a strong framework on how to help others succeed. Very thankful and excited to have her as a mentor!" 

Stephanie A., Transformational Health Coach


A little bit of love from Social Media

“I have been able to overcome so much with the knowledge that Swati shares in her group.” ~ Oksana A.  

”Thank you so much for consistently giving me the permission I never give myself to do these things! And for all of the encouragement and wisdom in your FB Group! I’m putting your advice into practice and getting amazing results!” ~ Nikki A.  

”Thank you Swati - you’ve helped me so much. I can’t tell you how much you have done for my business.” ~ Lucille  

”Swati is an amazing entrepreneur who has done great things with business, but she also has helped so many other women achieve their goals! You need to check her out!” ~ Julia S.  

”I love her advice. I resonate so much with your message. Massive big shout out to you for shining so damn bright!” ~ Yvette F.  

”Loving everything you taught me and am seeing massive results. Your tips are so great & practical. Thank you!” ~ Mia A.  

”Thank you so much your amazing trainings... since following you, I have learned so much.” ~ Danielle A.

Master the Art of Sales